Ronald McDonald Family Room at Mercy Children’s Hospital

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Offering a place to rest and regroup at the hospital

When families walk into a Ronald McDonald Family Room, we want them to forget they’re in a hospital. Often steps away from a pediatric or intensive care unit, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms offer a place to rest and regroup right at the hospital, just moments away from their sick child.

Please contact your nurse or social worker to make arrangements.

Keeping Families Close.

Research shows that a family presence in the hospital helps children to better cope with their ailment.  Staying close by allows parents to better communicate with their child’s medical team and improves adherence to complicated treatment plans.

Services for Families

Families will often find:

  • A kitchen area that includes a stove and microwave
  • Shower facilities
  • Sleeping rooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Internet access
  • Reference books
  • A seating area with a television
  • A quiet room