Alpha Delta Pi loves RMH!

Our partnership with Alpha Delta Pi sorority began in 1979. Since then, ADPi has raised over $11.2 million for RMHC. Alpha Delta Pi members provide service to RMHC through philanthropies, volunteering at the house, making cards and donating items. We are so glad to welcome every member to volunteer and are very thankful for all of their service!

Philanthropy is one of the main pillars for almost every Greek communi
ty. Each semester sororities and fraternities host philanthropies to raise money for their selected organization. Last year, Alpha Delta Pi raised $1.2 million through their philanthropies for RMHC. Some of the local chapters host events such as: Chili in the Courtyard and Alpha Delta Pies at Iowa State, Pi Paloooza at University of Iowa, Lion Share Challenge at Drake and Spaghetti Dinner at UNI. These events are not just for college students; they are open to the public!


“If it weren’t for the support of family and friends and the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital, and the Ronald McDonald House, my family wouldn’t have made it through, and my brother would not be here today.” Alpha Delta Pi- Pi Chapter member

Many Alpha Delta Pi sisters have been personally impacted by the Ronald McDonald House. Whether it be their brothers and sisters, or themselves, many members have been comforted by the warmth of the Ronald McDonald House. Also, a lot of the members are recipients of the scholarships that Ronald McDonald House provides.  Alpha Delta Pi is often eager to lend a helping hand back to the house that provided them a home during a very difficult time. We are more than grateful for them!

“Love Built It, Alpha Delta Pi supports it:The Ronald McDonald House. This constant dedication and passion for life does not go unnoticed in my chapter’s dedication to philanthropy.”

Thank you Alpha Delta Pi for all that
you do.