Volunteer Spotlight: Melissa Teggatz

Melissa has been volunteering at the House for about four years. Melissa, along with her Thirty-One team have provided meals, donated care bags for moms, and most recently gave message boards for each room! Melissa said she likes doing things for the House that she doesn’t enjoy at her own home like cleaning the bathrooms and doing laundry.

Her most memorable experiences have always been meeting families. One that stands out was when she found a young mother, Lindsey in the hospital whose support system wasn’t available. She brought her lunch and sat with Lindsey while her daughter was in surgery. Since then, Melissa and Lindsey have grown to become friends, as a result Melissa has seen Lindsey’s daughter grow into being a “spunky little girl”! Melissa also enjoyed hanging out with families while they ate dinner at the nights she provided the evening meal.

Her favorite part about volunteering at the RMH is helping others in their time of need and hearing the stories of families. Melissa was described as, “amazing, kind, loving, and dedicated to helping others”. When asked what advice do you have for others, Melissa responded with, “find your passion and live it.” She added that giving back gives you a sense of purpose and helps you persevere during bad days.

Melissa credits Cindy Monroe, the founder and CEO of Thirty-One Gifts, who not only inspires Melissa, but also brought her to RMH. During a national conference for Thirty-One Gifts, it was announced that they would be partnering with RMH. They encouraged everyone to find a way to give back to their local house. Melissa said she had no personal ties to RMH, but knew she had to serve when she learned more about the House. The rest is history! Melissa has been a huge help and has undoubtedly made a difference in many families lives!

We are incredibly thankful for your volunteerism and big heart, Melissa!

Picture of Melissa with the CEO of Thirty-One Gifts, Cindy

Melissa (left), Cindy – CEO of Thirty-One Gifts (middle), Scott Monroe (right)