Thank You Volunteers!

April is no ordinary month. It is a month to be celebrated, as it is National volunteer month! Our volunteers fulfill our purpose, to keep families close. Between the stress of medical expenses and fears of the unknown, families want to come to a place that feels familiar and normal. The Ronald McDonald House is a special kind of home. It’s one filled with families, each with a different situation. Knowing we have families coming with difficult life circumstances, we welcome volunteers to the House to lift the burdens these families face.  Some volunteers spend a few hours a day, week, month, or year making the House feel normal. How? By stocking it with delicious snacks and meals, or by cleaning the bathrooms and by putting together bedrooms that are ready to be slept in after a long day. They pick up the living areas so parents can relax on the couch while their children play with toys. They provide nutritious, home-cooked dinner meals so families don’t have to pay for supper. Some serve as relief volunteers for staff where they register families, provide tours, and assist with household chores!

Having a child fight an illness can be emotionally draining on a family. Being a volunteer provides an opportunity to help strengthen families as they face hardships by preparing the House for a families’ arrival. Sometimes families just need a friendly face – as a volunteer you have an opportunity to be a light in a family’s life. The mission is always to enrich the quality of life for children and their families. Homes are composed of families, and our volunteers make the House feel like a home. With the help of our volunteers, we are able to lessen the burden of hundreds of families each year in Des Moines. For that, we are eternally grateful for the selflessness of our volunteers. THANK YOU. Your work matters!

Here are a few ways you can serve at the House:

Be a relief manager – welcome families and provide tours

Bring in pop tabs

Clean the house

Bake treats for families

Donate a wish list item