Keeping Us Close

Quentin J 1Quentin was born at 28 weeks. He weighed 3lbs 3oz. He spent 71 days in the NICU.

I spent every morning/afternoon with him and my husband every evening. The last six days of our stay we were able to stay at the RMH.

The timing of this was perfect. Our son was learning to eat and this allowed me to be there for every feeding. We were spending much of our time at the hospital and our two older children (Adriana 6 and Orlando 2) were being passed from parent to parent. The whole event took a toll on all of us as normally we operate as a close family unit.

Quentin J. 2Being able to stay at the house also kept us close to each other physically. The RMH allowed us to have an enjoyable environment to enjoy each other. It was also stress free and comfortable compared to the hospital family room. The children loved the plethora of toys. They still beg me to take them there and play!

Although our time at the RMH was short, your ministry and staff has forever impacted our lives and has left an impression on our hearts. We love you!

-Quebin, Sunnie, Adriana, Orlando and Quentin Jimenez